What if the post office loses your mail?

On Your Side: Where's my mail?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Dale Gosa, 70, is a talented musician who can pull the right strings on his stand up bass, but said he can't get an answer, right or wrong from the post office.

"I'm upset," said Gosa. "I'm angry because the U.S. Postal Service is supposed to be responsible for my mail."

Gosa said on June 4, he delivered two letters to his neighborhood post office on Sunbeam and went on vacation.

When he returned weeks later, he discovered that his two pieces of mail were never delivered.

"The postal service has lost my mail," he said.

Since then, Gosa said he has called the local post office repeatedly,

"I have called a total of 16 times," said Gosa.

He said he even went to the post office in person and was told he had to call.

What brought it to light was a notice from his credit card company. He was told his payment was overdue and he was hit with a late fee.

The lost or misplaced pieces of mail were his bills.

"I want to know where my mail is," Gosa said.

Spokesperson McKinney Boyd said the U.S. Postal Service tries to deliver every piece of mail.

Boyd wrote in an email:

"We will continue to investigate this matter, and contact the customer with our resolution."

So what do you do if the postal service loses your mail?

Generally speaking, you have to file a mail recovery center search request, the Mail Recovery Center is also known as the Dead Letter Office. Gosa said he was never given that opportunity.

"I trust my mail to them," said Gosa.


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