Video: Man took 3 year old son along for burglary

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Samuel Onwujiobi left his garage door open for 10 minutes and it has changed his lifestyle forever.

"The chain saw was sitting there," he said.

The last time he saw it was June 11 around 1:30 pm. Onwujiobi said he did not realize it was missing until a few days later. He has a security video system and decided to check the recording.

"He knew what he wanted, said Onwujiobi," he knew the value of it."

He is talking about George Sullivan, 30, who was arrested on charges of burglary.

The video shows Sullivan walking into Onwujiobi's garage and behind him his three year old son. In fact at one point he uses his hand to signal to the child to wait.

Onwujiobi was upset that someone was in his garage and stole his chain saw, but even more upset that a child was part of the caper.

"He is three, young innocent," said Onwujiobi," God forbid I was armed that day or he met a citizen who is armed it would have been dangerous."

The video shows that Sullivan canvassed the neighborhood in his green Saturn then parked and walked into Onwujiobi's garage with his son behind him.

"He's gopt a lot of guts," said Onwujiobi. "The detective in charge told me this is not his first offense."

Sullivan told police he has a a son and stole items to feed his son and that his son was supposed to stay in the vehicle.

Police report that a few days earlier Sullivan was in Jeffrey Hurr's garage stealing a gas can.

The report states: "After the suspect fled the area the victim realized the additional property had also been stolen by the suspect."

Onwujiobi said the experience has taught him a lesson.

"Don't keep your garage door open, no matter how long," said Onwujiobi. "No matter how long you're going to be in the house."

"At the end of the day I'm just happy the kid is in a better place," he added.

Sullivan's former landlord confirmed the child is with his grandparent. George Sullivan is in the Duval County pre trial detention center on charges of burglary, dealing in stolen property, and giving false verification to a pawn shop.

Bond is set at $140,009.00. His next court date is July 9.


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