Residents want sewer line repaired

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- On Old Kings Road South there's a problem hidden from the roadway. The problem is also concealed from the bright rays of a sunny day. It begins at the Jacksonville manhole cover that reads 'Storm Sewer.'

"I'm so tired of having to call the city about this," said Michael Jablonski.

Jablonski and his neighbor have had it with the city's public works department. He said every time it rains the property between them gets washed out.

"It rains and I get sinkholes on both sides of my property," he said.

The problem is the utility easement between he and his neighbor is caving in. In 2012 the city repaired the cave in. Jablonski said that was one of several attempts to fix the problem. He has lived in his home since 1988.

"They basically just put a band aid on it," said Jablonski. "I saw them putting some sort of cloth material on the piping after they had done everything up, but they never did any pipe replacement or anything like that and just covered it up."

He said he's afraid to walk in the area, afraid that he may fall into the washed out area.

"It is only getting worse," he said.

On August 15th the city cordoned off the area with yellow caution tape. City spokesperson Debbie Delgado says the problem is a 15 in concrete pipe that is buried seven feet deep. She says it is in the queue for repair soon.


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