Rain washes out road to home, residents stranded

BAKER COUNTY, Fla. -- Last weekend the rains came and when it stopped it left behind a disaster for some Baker county residents.

"Gone everything is gone, two truckload of rocks," said William Crawford.

The rain created flash flooding that washed out the road to and from Crawford's home.

"We have always been able to manage it," said Crawford.

Not this time,the rushing water was too much.

"I'm angry, I am stuck here" said Mary Crawford.

They have placed two by fours in certain areas to help them walk across the opening ,it has been like that since Saturday

They contacted the contacted the county for help.

"If this was a county commissioners home we won't be talking, " he said

The problem is the Crawford's live on Tennessee Street , a rural area, and Tennessee is a private road

"Tennessee is a private road and the upkeep is up to the individuals " said Darrell Crawford.

Darrell Crawford is assistant superintendent of baker county public works.

" I don't know if there's anything we can do it is a private road, " he said .

William Crawford said the last time this happened he spent three thousand dollars to fix it

" I love out here even with the Mosquitos and snakes, it is peaceful," he said.

He's not ready to move and doesn't have the money to fix it, he needs help.

"There are wetlands behind us, there's no way to get out we are pretty much stranded "said Crawford.

While the county considers what if anything it can do, Crawford is trying to rent a backhoe to see if he can fill the hole, his other concern I'd that there is more rain in the forecast.


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