On Your Side: Hearing aid help & Social Security

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The On Your Side team was hard at work getting results and solutions for you. Here are some of the people we were able to help and the results we were able to get for them.

Social Security Solution

We were told about a problem with Robert Ferrara who is dying with ALS, Lou Gehrig disease. The neurological disorder has taken a toll on the retired insurance adjuster. He said Social security was also having an impact.

Ferrara applied for social security so he can get Medicare coverage but they input the wrong code to describe his illness and he was denied coverage.

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The On Your Side team contacted the social security office in Atlanta and they made the correction so now he has the needed coverage. The coverage will help pay for an electric wheelchair and his medical bills.

Hearing aid help

Richard Norris is hard of hearing but when he went to get his hearing aids adjusted, the company kept them for non-payment. Norris is a state Medicaid patient and apparently his eligibility changed since 2010. When the company submitted a claim it was told that Norris is not eligible.

The On Your Side team contacted the Agency for Health Care Administration and was told there was no change in Medicaid's policy regarding hearing aids.

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We were told that someone from DCF would contact Norris to determine what changed in his eligibility status. A few days later Norris received a call from the hearing aid company to come and get his hearing devices.


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