On Your Side: Getting answers from our phone bank

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The On Your Side team had a very successful phone bank last Friday. Monday, we are continuing to get answers for you.

Bill said he wants the money back from what he said is a $50 gift card that he said he is stuck with.

Erin Fernandez, a spokesperson for Fanatics Incorporated, the company that Bill has the gift card with, told FCN:

"Since the physical stores closed in late 2012, the gift card won't work. We can issue a credit for him for the value of the card." Fernandez said. "If he bought the gift all he as to do is prove that he bought it via a receipt or bank statement and the money will be refunded to him. If the card was a gift, he has to spend it online on our website."


"Getting up in the morning, opening up my door and seeing all this is not a beautiful sight," Eula Wilson told FCN.

A large section of dirt, a lot of bricks and broken masonry are piled across the street from Eula Wilson's home.

She and a neighbor say they've contacted the city about it.

FCN spoke to the landowner, PJ, who tells FCN he's well aware of neighbors complaints about his brickyard.

PJ said he is in compliance with the city's requirement, saying the dirt is adequate as a barrier or shield. PJ said he will consider cleaning it up or extending the fence that's already there.


Arlene Smith said she believes a deteriorating drainage system is causing parts of her yard to sink. She's contacted the city.

"It could be undermining our property and hopefully not going to undermine our house," Smith told FCN on Monday.

A city of Jacksonville spokesperson told FCN this is expected to be resolved within the next 60 days.


Hugh told FCN he believes he is being charged for AT&T internet since 2005 without realizing it.

FCN called and an AT&T a spokesperson tells FCN there was a miscommunication. Hugh "has been a loyal home phone customer since 2005. He has only had internet since '13."

The spokesperson said Hugh has not been charged for internet service since 2005. This situation is resolved.


Charlie said he's concerned about a cone on Mill Creek at Arlington Expressway. He said it's been there in the road for years.

FCN called the city and a City of Jacksonville spokesperson says it's a depression on an old repair. The patch crew will be scheduled Tuesday to fix it.


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