Local veteran victim of online job scheme

ORANGE PARK, FL -- Jason Swan served 20 years in the Navy and has had a difficult time finding a permanent job. He now works for a temporary service.

A few weeks ago, he was surfing the classifieds on the internet and applied for a mystery shopper evaluation job. The job was not promising.

"It was a wolf in sheep clothing," said Rebecca Swan.

The job was simple; he would receive cashier checks via FedEx and then deposit the checks. He would use the money to buy Green Dot prepaid cards.

"He would then call his manager and give them the card numbers and the amount," Swan said. "Then he was told to dispose of the cards."

He made several purchases. The first time it was $1,995 and the second time it was $2,890.

On July 3, his bank withdrew $3,000 from his account because the checks turned out to be counterfeit.

"That is money we saved," said Swan, " I feel violated, it was stolen from us."

She said the money was to cover dental expenses and help with her son's college education.

"It is not fair, it is not right," said Swan.

They have filed a complaint with the Clay County Sheriff's Office's financial crimes unit.

"Unfortunately this is not the first time they have seen this," said CCSO spokesperson Mary Justino.

Still, Justino said, they are taking this matter seriously. "We will pursue it," said Justino.

The military family is heartbroken and now financially busted. They have created an account for anyone who is willing to help them.

They said they're borrowing to make ends meet.

Investigators said if you apply for a job and it involves converting funds, like cashing a check, into other funds, like prepaid cards or money orders, don't do it. They say it is a scam.


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