Grieving family upset with condition of gravesite, missing marker

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Twelve year old Savannah Pfeiffer was the joy of her family.

"She was wonderful, the best kid in the world," said Rachel Green," she was a special needs child and didn't have a mean bone in her body."

Earlier this year Savannah and other family members were in accident; a man going 121 mph in a 30 mph zone hit them, Pfeiffer died a few days later.

"My family was hit by a drunk driver," said Green.

Now they're going through the court process; Stanley Jeffson has been charged with vehicular homicide and DUI manslaughter.

"We are lost without her," she said," it is hard."

Green said adding to the family grief is the condition of Pfeiffer's grave-site.

"Look at it the grass is dying," said Green," it is like they don't care."

The 12-year-old is buried in Arlington Park.

"We come out here every single day and to see this is devastating," said Green.

The family has complained to the cemetery but feels that their concerns are ongoing without a response.

"My mother ordered a marker and a bench for her,"' she said," we still don't have it.

They spoke with Jim Bailey, cemetery manager, and was surprised by the response.

"He said that her marker had never been ordered, so they've had my parents money for months and it had never been ordered," said Green.

Bailey and an assistant met us at the cemetery and said that he talks directly to the property owner.

"She is not the property owner," said Bailey," her mother is the property owner and I have been in touch with her."

Bailey said he has promised Green's mother the problems will be resolved soon.

"We have had no closure," said Green," and this does not help."

Bailey reassured On Your Side that the sod at the grave-site will be replaced; he said a grave marker takes 10-12 weeks to come in but the family will have a marker on Savannah Pfeiffer's grave before the end of July.

"All we want is some closure,' said Green," some peace."

Whenever there's a problem with a cemetery the proper agency to contact is the Florida Division of Funeral, Cemetery and Consumer Services: or 1-800-323-2627.


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