Greene Family goes from homeless to an apartment

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- When we met Sabon, Rahsun and Darice Greene last summer they were living at the Sulzbacher Center.

"I always knew that I would have to be like this for a little while," said Sabon.

The 17-year-old knew it would be temporary. Even so, he and his brother Rahsun kept their homeless life a secret from their friends.

"I knew that being homeless is a serious secret," said Rahsun, "That's the secret I didn't spill."

How did they become homeless? Greene, a single parent, moved from Pittsburgh to Jacksonville in pursuit of a better life. Then the economy tanked, she lost her job and her apartment.

Now after 17 months of living at the Sulzbacher, they're moving out.

"I kind of forget how it feels when you get ready to move," said Darice Greene, "It is stressful."

Greene has landed a job at a fast food restaurant, not in the CNA profession as she wanted, but said it is enough for her to get into an apartment.

"It is something to help me get my bills paid, stable, sufficient and independent," she said.

Her children are excited. Rahsun is in the fifth grade, Sabon is now preparing for college

"I've been planning on moving a long time now," said Sabon, "so I am very very excited."

Even though it is an exciting move, it is not an easy move. The Greene family is moving into a new apartment without any furnishings, not even a pot to cook in.

"We need pots and pans, furniture," said Greene, "All we have are our clothes and Sabon's books."

The Sulzbacher Center's family support program will help them with bedding, but the rest is up to them.

"I'm gonna make it happen," said Greene.

Greene said her children deserve better and this is a step in that direction.

"It is the end of the road and the beginning of another one," she said.

Greene said it has been a long time coming.

The family needs help with furniture and cooking utensils, even a television.

If you would like to help them make their transition from homeless to a home, you can contact Allison Vega at the Sulzbacher Center by emailing or calling her at (904) 394-8082.


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