Five things to do to save wedding and your sanity

JACKSONVILLE,Fla.-- A successful wedding requires planning and patience. If you're going to spend the average costs, about $25-thousand, you want it to be right.

"If you're willing to invest the time to find bargains it can happen," said Cassandra Cherneski.

Cherneski owns Flaire Weddings and Events and has been a wedding planner since 2005. After talking with her and having just experienced my daughter's wedding, here are my top five tips to help make your wedding memorable and save money.

Number one:

Get organize early and consider using a coordinator- instead of a traditional planner, they cost less and can still help you focus your priorities, and they may have a great client lists of vendors.

"If you follow the vendor your choose on Facebook sometimes they will post a 10 percent discount on their page," said Cherneski.

Number two:

Nothing is more important than the dress, Brides choose your dress carefully, don't buy it unless you feel beautiful.

Make your decision early to avoid a rush fee, that probably means 6 months before the event. My daughter bought her dress seven months before and still had to pay a $300 rush fee.

Number three:

Guys get involved, be part of the planning, meet the caterer, interview the DJ, help choose the photographer, guys you can become the calming voice when stress levels are elevated.

"It can be a very tedious process," said Cherneski," on the wedding day it is usually a very stressful day>'

Number four:

Tie the knot on a Friday or Sunday and it will cut costs. Since Saturday is the most popular day for nuptials it is usually the most expensive.

"It really is viewed as a once in a lifetime event, so couples bring a high level of expectation," she said.

Number five:

Consider your guests; a wedding is also about those whom you have invited to witness the event so it has to be special to them as well.

That means paying attention to the menu and the comfort level of the venue. The last thing you want to experience as newlyweds is that your guest leave complaining about how horrible the food was or that the venue was too hot or too cold.

That is what they will remember.


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