Families asking court for injunction against 10-year-old

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Several families are tired a 10-year-old who they say is a bully in their apartment community. The families have taken their case to the Duval County courthouse.

"All the kids in the community want to play with each other and have a good time," said Erin Basso. "We want to be friendly that's all we want."

Basso, Andrea Lisbinski and Derrick Dearmon all live in the same community and all of them complain about a 10-year-old bully who they say have been terrorizing their children.

"The police aren't doing anything so we have to do it," said Lisbinski.

They're now asking the courts to put an end to their children's nightmare.

"Each family is putting in for a restraining order injunction," Lisbinski said.

Basso said in addition to the injunction they plan to file battery charges against the child.

"We've been dealing with it since last October," Basso said.

The turning point came this week when Basso said the bully attacked her son.

"He knocked him down on the ground, got on topped of him and then choked him," Basso said. "He punched him in the face until his sister came over and knocked off."

Kelly Wadford is another parent, in the same Hodges Boulevard community, filing for a court injunction against the child.

"He needs to be separated," Wadford said. "He needs to stay at home or in a different area where the kids are playing because he can't get along with them."

Wadford said they have tried talking to the child's family and things have not changed that's why they're now talking to the courts.

"My kids are small and innocent and they should not have to deal with something of this level right now in their lives," Wadford said.

Wadford said her children are afraid to use the playground. The courts told them it may be a few days before there's a final decision because they have to notify the family of the ten year old child.


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