East Jacksonville residents ask: Where are our tax dollars going?

EAST JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Eugene Sloan has lived in his East Jacksonville for the past 56 years and feels the city has neglected it.

"I've called the city since March," he said.

Sloan wants to know where are his tax dollars going; he said the city is not spending them where he lives.

"We storm water drains that have been clogged up," said Sloan, "they've been like that up to five months."

The problem is very obvious at the intersection of Claudia Spencer Street and Phoenix Avenue.

"Looks like it is just mud there, said Sloan, "when it rains the water backs up and runs all the way down the street to the church."
It not just the drains, but the drainage ditch connecting the system is also in poor condition -- they are overgrown.

And then there is the corner of Phoenix Avenue and East 22nd street.

"I had a snake in my house because of this," said Ella Jackson, "I was afraid to go home for a few days."

Next to Jackson home is a heavily overgrown lot. The bush is so high and residents say the school children prefer to take their chances walking in the street instead of using the sidewalk.

"I don't blame them. You got to get away from grass," said Sloan, "this side is city property, they said they were going to get someone out here but what about the lot?"

Sloan and his neighbors would like the city to put their tax dollars to work and provide a safe and clean neighborhood.

"Last year I paid $75 for one of the guys to cut it cause it took too long for the city to make the people cut it," said Sloan, "I said this year I'm not going to do it, I'm just going to get on the city."

And that is what he's been doing. He has made repeated calls to 630-CITY and they continue to take his complaints, but the city has yet to remedy the problems in his East Jacksonville neighborhood.

City spokesperson Debbie Delgado said public works is reviewing the residents concerns.


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