Death threat concerns parents of St. Augustine High student

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- Candy Retlich and her daughter Jordan, 15, are concerned that the recent punishment of another student did not go far enough.

"She said I want to cut your throat," said Candy. "That is not acceptable, that is not how you handle things."

The other student who made the threat was given a five day out of school suspension; the fact that she's able to return to St. Augustine high has Retlich and her daughter feeling uneasy.

"I would not feel comfortable in school with this girl," said Candy.

The students were in the school cafeteria and a rumor was started regarding the unidentified student who Jordan said approached her unexpectedly.

"Like I turned and she was in my face," said Jordan.

Jordan said during her tirade she said, "I will slit your throat."

"It makes me worried if she is going to be in school with me,'' she said.

Retlich and Jordan claim the student has a history of aggression and that has only heightened their concern.

"I don't think they need to be concerned about safety," said Paul Abattanozzi.

Abattanozzi is Director of Student Services and said the district is taking the threats seriously because education and safety are a top priority.

"The school has taken action within the code of conduct,"he said," the other component is with the discipline committee."

He said that committee will determine if further punishment, like alternative school, is necessary. He wants Retlich and Jordan to know that while they may have concerns over the five day suspension, the process into dealing with this school violation is not completed.

"We do everything in our power to make sure our students are safe," said Abattanozzi.

For talking back to the other student Jordan was given two after school detentions.


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