Dead man receives ticket for toll violation

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Raymond Smarts received a ticket from the Florida Turnpike for a toll violation a few months ago. The problem is, Smarts has been dead nine years.

"He certainly was not the person driving that van, neither was my mother-in-law who is the other owner," said Roger Baskins.

Baskins is trying to clear is father-in-law's name.

"We have received three notices," said Roger, "now it has been turned over to a debt collection agency."

Baskins said his father-in-law has been dead nearly a decade. Why is he now getting a ticket for something that happened a few months ago?

"We don't think it is a legitimate claim," he said.

The ticket is only for $12.21, but subject to a $100 penalty if not paid in time.

"I'm concerned that this is some kind of scam," said Baskins.

The citation was issued by the Florida Turnpike Enterprise, which is a legitimate agency, and when it is not paid in a timely manner the debt is turned over to a collection agency.

"It is very frustrating to try to trace these things," said Baskins, "We don't have the resources."

On Your Side contacted the debt collection agency. Spokesperson Joe Householder said the government is their client.

"They provide the data and it is up to track down the violator," said Householder, "We will get with out client and clear it up."

As for his client the Florida Turnpike Enterprise, a spokesperson said they will have to research the case before they can comment.

"We will research this issue and get back to you next week," said Sonyha Rodriguez-Miller.

Baskins wants resolution. If the citation is valid, please explain how his deceased father-in-law is the violator; if it is not, he said please correct the mistake.

"He certainly was not the person driving the van," said Baskins.


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