Cyber cafe workers make claims against former employer

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Recently, when Florida Department of Law Enforcement cracked down on area internet cafes, two former employees were watching.

Anthony Jackson and Jeremiah Kiser were employed at the Sweet Royale Cafe; it has a location on Normandy Boulevard and one in Gainesville.

"We were very busy," said Jackson.

The Gainesville location was closed last December and the employees moved to the Normandy facility in March.

"I managed Gainesville for a month," said Jackson.

"I was there as the assistant manager," Kiser added.

Jackson said the primary goal of his Gainesville store was selling phone cards, but they also ran a gambling-type operation.

"The actual amount that we could pay out was $500," said Jackson, "We would never pay more than that."

The former workers also made claims that the computers used by customers were being manipulated from another location and it affected their odds of winning.

"All of a sudden these people stopped winning like they were winning before," said Jackson.

Both men said they are coming forth because of the recent FDLE crackdown and because their former employer owes them.

They also said they're afraid that they will be implicated in a dispute between the cafe owner and a marketing company that sold the business several computers.

"He was actually trying to sell someone else property and involved me in it," said Jackson.

The cafe is owned by Fasial Kahn. Reached at his Canadian electronic business, Khan described Jackson and Kiser as disgruntled employees who were fired.

He said they are telling lies, trying to hurt his business and his character.

"I owe them nothing," said Kahn,"I paid them everything I owed."

Khan said they are not involved in the computer issue and besides that has been resolved.

"I have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars," said Kahn, "I have nothing to hide."

A call to Pong Marketing in Ontario confirmed that the computer issue has been resolved and it was a miscommunication.

Even so, Jackson and Kiser vow to take their knowledge to area law enforcement; they believe as former inside men they have information investigators can use.


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