Clay County Tax Collectors mails out vehicle registration by mistake

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- If you own a vehicle in Florida it must be registered with the state. What happened to Brandy Bennett during the renewal of her registration has her very concerned.

Bennett went on the Clay County Tax Collectors website to apply for her new vehicle registration, the system worked, but when she received her new documents it was more than she expected.

"I had to go through it twice, because when I received the envelope it was thicker than expected," she said.

The tax collector not only sent her registration but in the envelope was the registrations of four other people.

"It is for people in Orange Park, two people in Middleburg and one in Jacksonville,' said Bennett.

Bennett, a recent victim of identity fraud said this is unacceptable.

"My personal information could have been compromised,' she said.

She works in the financial field and said what was sent to her would be all a person needs in the wrong hands.

"People steal your identity with less information and this like my driver's license my address so many things a thief can do with this information it is disturbing to me,' said Bennett.

"The mailings are processed by a person and the clerked stuffed four registrations instead of one into the envelope," said Alison Johnson," It was a human mistake and we apologize for the error."

Johnson said she will meet with Bennett to recover the registrations and get them to the rightful owners. She said the Clay County Tax Collector's office will review its procedures to be sure it doesn't happen again.


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