Caught on camera: Dog mauls cat

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Paul Weber has cameras surrounding his South Jacksonville home. What he captured on his security cameras last week is very disturbing.

It was July 18th around 9:21 in the morning. His cameras were busy.

"I saw her from work, I saw her on the surveillance cameras. I saw her laying in the driveway," he said.

The feral cat he had been feeding since December, the cat he had grown to love, wasn't just lying there in the driveway, she was dead.

"When I came home from work the first thing I did was called the police," he said.

Weber made the call after reviewing the hard drive of his security system and feeling disgust and anger by what he saw.

"I feel bad for her, I feel even worse now that I've seen the video,"he said," in my lifetime I've never seen any animal being killed like this."

What he saw was an aggressive dog attacking his cat in a vicious manner.

"He was out to kill the cat, this was his mission," he said.

The dog, which was later identified as a neighbor's pet, chased his cat around the house then cornered her before he begins to maul her.

The lengthy video shows the dog kept attacking the cat until it could not longer move.

"He dragged her out into the front yard and tossed around like a rag doll and picked her up and tossed her unto the driveway and stood over her for awhile," said Weber.

The police located the dog owner who said his dog had jumped the fence. The next day he apologized to Weber.

Even so Weber has filed a complaint with the city's animal care and protective services.

"ACPS is investigating this issue and we will let you know the results," said Aleizha Batson.

Weber is hoping the city issues some kind of citation or warning against the pet owner, he said the next time the victim could be a child.


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