Brunwick fed up with people are dumping trash at cemetery

Brittany Dionne reports Feb. 29, 2016

BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- Illegal dumping at Palmetto Cemetery in Brunswick is an ongoing problem that has at least one resident fed up.

Donna Jordan said she has been speaking out about illegal dumping at the city-owned cemetery for years. She said old furniture dumped right next to graves is a common sight and she wants something done about it.

"It's just something that drives me nuts and it's uncalled for," Jordan said.

Jordan comes to Palmetto Cemetery often to visit family and, unfortunately, she said to clean up. "I just do it out of respect," said Jordan.

Jordan said people are mostly dumping old furniture. An old sofa and mattress sitting beside a large dumpster, Jordan said, had been there for two weeks.

A worker at the cemetery said Baker County sends inmates to clean the property but said people still return with more trash.

Jordan admits the cemetery has gotten better over the years but she said the illegal dumping is because the city charges to pick up large items so people dump them at the cemetery to avoid fees. However, she says that's not an excuse.

"People are dumping here so, that's no more than saying they're trash. No, they're not trash. They have a past and They deserve more respect," Jordan said.

Jordan said she hopes speaking out, once again, will employ the city to start picking up unwanted furniture for free.

We reached out to the city for comment, we’ve yet to hear back.

In the meantime, Jordan said she would continue to clean the cemetery on her own.

If you’d like to help Jordan by volunteering to help clean or donating flowers for graves, she may be reached at (912) 689-9315.

This story will be updated once we hear back from city leaders.


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