Bill aims at insurance policies relating to gun owners

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Do you own a gun? There's a proposed plan in the legislature that could affect you.

Ziadeh Farhat and his family own Green Acres Sporting Goodson Normandy Boulevard. Farhat said he legally owns about 36 guns.

"Permits for all of them," he explained. "They're all legal. They're all secured in a gun safe and everything's good with them. Most of them are hunting guns."

He said it's just he and his wife at home. Once he has children, he said all of the guns would be safely locked up.

Florida has more than 1 million concealed weapons permit holders. In Tallahassee, a proposal is being considered in the House, by the The House Insurance and Banking Subcommittee, that would prevent a property or auto insurer from refusing to issue or renew a policy based on a person's legal use, possession or ownership of a firearm. A similar bill is in the Senate.

"I think it's a good idea," Farhat said. "I don't think that just because someone owns -- whether it be one gun or several guns -- I don't think someone should just be disqualified or potentially disqualified from home or auto insurance."

Corey Mathews, CEO of the Professional Insurance Agents of Florida, tells FCN that generally speaking, some auto and home insurance providers sometimes use gun ownership as part of factors to determine your monthly rate.

He said some include gun ownership as a factor on how likely someone may be to file an insurance claim.

Mathews said if it's publicly disclosed through filings with the state of Florida, under current law, there is nothing to stop insurance providers from dropping, or not renewing your policy because you legally own a gun.

The proposal would change that.

"I hope it passes," said a gun owner we spoke to outside of Green Acres Sporting Goods. He did not want to be identified, but he shared his strong opinion on the proposal. "The insurance companies have enough power already."

Read the entire House bill here.

Read the entire Senate bill here.


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