A change in the dates to pay civil violations create concern for some drivers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jerry Saam, 56, is fighting to keep his drivers license from being suspended. In April he was stopped by a Florida Highway patrol officer and ssued a ticket.

"Instead of across my shoulder, I had it under my arm," said Saam.

Saam was buckled up, but not all the way and was cited for wearing his seat belt improperly.

"Then he told me to have a better day," he said

The citation was for $114. Saam said the trooper told him he had 90 days to pay the civil traffic violation.

Saam said he confirmed it on the Duval Clerk of Courts website and began working on a budget.

"I would save $40 a month I was going to have $120 to pay it in 90 days," he said.

A few days ago he received a letter from the Florida Department of Motor vehicle and Highway Safety warning him that his license was being suspended.

"They said I should have paid it in 30 days," said Saam," that the law changed in March."

He was surprised and became occupied with the thought of losing his license; and was he to blame or was he given wrong information.

"The people at the clerk said they had changed this in March," said Saam,"but nobody updated the website since March."

Charlie Broward spokesperson for the Duval Clerk of Courts said they have been aware of the issue.

"We had identified this issue on the website and we are granting extensions," said Broward, "we had a work ticket in process for this case and will contact them to grant an extension."

Broward also said there will be no late penalties and that law enforcement has been informed of the change as well.

He said Saam's license will not be suspended, even so Saam said he is going to go ahead and pay the ticket.

The rule is now civil traffic citations are paid in 30 days unless the person is holding a a legal document that states differently.


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