$1,600 funeral charge? Resolved!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Update: 4/30/2014 FCN spoke to Hurley and we have gotten him even more results. Hurley told FCN he went to the funeral home Wednesday afternoon and someone told him in person he will not have to pay the roughly $1,600 in charges he was told he would have to pay.

Original story:

He said his mother is basically sitting in a refrigerator, waiting to be buried, all while in the middle of grieving for his mother.

That's despite his mother paying for her own funeral services years ago.

Now, he said he can't bury her.

So, he contacted the On Your Side team for help.

David Hurley absolutely loved his mother, Dolly Grant, 84.

"She's done a lot of volunteer work most of her life," he said.

Born in Jacksonville, she married her high school sweetheart. After she retired, Hurley said his mother even trained to be a clown to make children happy.

"I've got a picture, her graduation photo where she went to Ringling Brothers in Sarasota and trained with her retirement group," he said.

His mother passed away Monday April 28, 2014 of natural causes.

Hurley showed FCN documents his mother signed in 2001 and 2002. The documents show she paid thousands of dollars for prepaid funeral services at Greenlawn Cemetery. He said $1,600 in extra charges popped up after she died.

"It's supposed to be a fully prepaid funeral," he said. "Why are these extra expenses coming now?"

One document from 2002 said records indicated Dolly paid her cemetery account in full with Greenlawn. Another document, stamped "PAID" has fine print reading in part "This does not cover funeral home expenses."

"They weren't going to budge on the price with me," Hurley said. "That's why I called channel 12 and asked for help."

Services Corporation spokesperson Jessica McDunn told FCN she won't talk specifics but said

"We are definitely willing to work with Mr. Hurley and his family to resolve the situation."

"Great," Hurley said. "Thank you, channel 12."


The Federal Trade Commission's funeral rule gives you the right to receive a written statement after you decide what you want and before you pay.

It should show exactly what you are buying and the cost of each item.

The rule also gives you the right to get an explanation in the written statement from the funeral home that describes any legal cemetery or crematory requirement that requires you to buy any funeral goods or services.

Before buying a prepaid plan, the Better Business Bureau suggests reviewing the plan carefully.

Also, review all documents with an attorney, accountant or financial adviser.

Make sure you check the company out.

Learn More

Your rights under the Federal Trade Commission's funeral rule

Tips on prepaid funeral plans from the

Better Business Bureau


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