Living near retention pond, consider flood insurance

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. -- Jennifer Nelson and her husband purchased what seemed like their dream house in 2012. Two years later they are living with regrets.

"This house is not stable enough for my family," said Nelson.

On July 12, after a torrential downpour, her children called to tell her that the house was up to a foot in water.

"I was in Tallahassee and we hurried back," she said. "When we got here the yard was knee deep and the house was gone."

She said the problem is a retention pond on the adjacent property. The pond filled up and the water ran over into her yard.

"We have a sump pump to try to keep as much water our the yard," she said.

Before they could dry out the property flooded again in August. She said they're not in a flood zone.

"The real estate agent told us that there was no history of a flood on this property anywhere," she said.

She said the real estate agent said there was a sump pump in the yard for a pool.

"I feel helpless," said Nelson. "I can't get help from anywhere."

Her homeowner's insurance will not cover her loss because she did not have flood insurance.

Their swimming pool has popped up out of the ground and their homeowner's insurance is expected to cover that, but Nelson said they need help to get back into their home.

"It is not easy," she said. "We need some help."

Nelson said if they can't move back into their home, then they would like their names removed from the title.

"I don't know where to go from here, I don't want to walk away, but I've got to have somewhere for me, my husband and three kids."


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