City vacuum trucks to clean drains often out-of-service

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A fleet of five trucks that are vacuumed equipped are in the shop more than on the street cleaning storm drains.

The equipment is called Vac-Con and according to the city's Public Works Department each one is off the street on average 242 days a year.

"I think fine turning that information with fleet maintenance group, but they got some age on them," said John Pappas who heads up public works.

Pappas says the department realizes it has a challenge on its hands since the equipment services more than 40,000 drains in the city.

"When have a piece of equipment that is used as much as we use it, you are going to have maintenance challenges," he said.

The department is exploring updated equipment, but that depends on whether dollars are available in what has been several learn budget years.


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