Caught on camera: Kids throwing rocks at cars

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Throwing rocks at cars can be dangerous and residents in one Jacksonville neighborhood have reason to be concerned. They not only witnessed several children throwing rocks on Old Middleburg Road - it was captured on video.

Bruce Hall witnessed a car getting hit in front of him and decided to pull out his camera phone to capture the kids in the act. Hall says he hopes something like this doesn't turn into a tragedy for someone else.

"I noticed a car in front of me swerve and I noticed kids throwing rocks...or throwing a rock at the vehicle," said Hall.

Hall was the next victim and now has a minor dent on his car because of the rocks. Hall now has video that shows two young children throwing rocks from the side of Old Middleburg road.

"I stopped fairly quickly and went to confront them over it, but they took off," said Hall.

So, Bruce met up with First Coast News, hoping to find the children. Neighbors led us to a home just off Old Middleburg road. First Coast News showed the family living at the house the video. While it was not the two 7-year-old twins, their mother, Safiyyah Rasheed, confessed they got in trouble for doing the same thing.

"My neighbor came to the house and knocked on the door and said that my two boys were throwing rocks at cars as they passed by," said Rasheed. "So, we walked down this entire street and knocked on everyone's door and they apologized for throwing rocks...whether they threw rocks or not, they apologized."

She says this could cause serious accidents.

"I understand that boys are going to be boys, but you have to put a handle on it," said Rasheed.

We showed the video to the two twins, they say they don't know who the older kids are and they say, they've learned their lesson.

Another neighbor Mary says she has seen the kids in the video throwing rocks on several occasions. Now, she is worried for her children.

As for Hall, he is hoping these children learn their lesson.

"I get it. We were all kids at one time but stop throwing rocks, you could really kill someone or hurt someone badly," said Hall.

We spoke to the Jacksonville Sheriff's office, they tell us, depending on the circumstances, this is considered a crime.


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