Buddy Check: What if a man's nipple is inverted?

ST. SIMONS, Ga. -- Take this seriously. A man in St. Simons, Georgia, is being bold and telling how he found out he had breast cancer.

Ken Gaubert is the friendly, but tough type. He's a terrific spokesman now for male breast cancer and early detection.

Gaubert says following Buddy Check is important, and it's critical to remember breast cancer doesn't just happen to your "sister" and "your mamma."

Gaubert noticeda small lump in his chest. But, like most guys, he figured he might think about later when he had time -- maybe.

Then one morning when he got out of the shower, he noticed his nipple had become inverted. It was going the opposite direction as it usually pointed.

Gaubert says it "scared" him enough to call a doctor. He says, "In three weeks I was on the operating table."

Now he's doing great and hamming it up at the American Cancer Society's Fashion Show in St. Simons.

First Coast News anchor Jeannie Blaylock spoke to the gathering and reminded everyone to get a buddy and order the free Buddy Check kits.

We mail them anywhere in the world at no charge.

Just call our partner, Baptist Health, at 904-202-CARE.

And thanks to Gaubert and the other survivors in St. Simons reminding us that catching breast cancer early is the key.


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