'Blood moon:' Lunar eclipse or sign of dire consequences?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Pastor Mark Seagle describes Tuesday's lunar eclipse, which is being called the "blood moon" because of its red hue, as the glory and splendor of God.

"My first take was 'wow this is beautiful and this is amazing,'" said Seagle, "in God's eyes it is an affirmation of His presence."

It is the first of four similar lunar eclipses over an 18-month period. The knowledge of four blood moons in such a short period has triggered a conversation about the end of the world or end time. Dr. Seagle sees it differently.

"A lot of conversations I've been having has been this is a foreshadow of things to come," he said.

But he said what he sees spiritually is the hand of God. Consider, he said, it happens on a Sunday when Christians celebrate their faith and at the start of the Passover when Jews celebrate their faith.

"The blood moon was literally on the night much of the world was celebrating Passover," he said, "That has many implications."

The Bible mentions the moon of blood in the writings of the Prophet Joel, and again in the Acts of the Apostles and again in Revelation. Segale, who holds a Doctor of Divinity degree, said in spite of the claims of dire consequences, do not focus on the conversations about end time.

"At any time, you will find people who are trying to tie the bow too tight," said Seagle, "or they're trying to make too many pieces fit together."

Seagle said if there's any concern as to what the lunar eclipse may mean spiritually, the focus should be on yourself, not what's going on with the stars.

"Begin to talk and have a conversation with people about God put on flesh and came and lived among his people," said Seagle, "How do we tie that into your everyday life?"

The same Bible that speaks of a moon of blood states that no man knows the day nor the hour when Christ will return.

The next blood moon will be October 8 this year and April 4 and September 28 next year.


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