Bears spotted in World Golf Village neighborhood

WORLD GOLF VILLAGE, Fla. --- A bear sighting in one local neighborhood has residents on edge. A handful of neighbors tell First Coast News, they saw a mama bear and two cubs walking around the Turnberry area.

Sisters Malia and Meagan say they were frightened when they saw a bear staring at them while they swam in the community pool.

"I was like shaking," said Malia. "Because I don't want to get eaten."

Meagan, 9, says the bear was about five feet tall. The girls tell FCN, they thought the bear was a large dog, but when they realized it was a full-grown bear, they ran out of the pool and the bear ran into the woods behind the community pool.

Lucy Wells says she saw a bear while walking her dog.

"I looked up and saw a full-grown bear. Brown bear with light, tan masking on the face," said Lucy.

Wells said she was worried her dog Yami, would start barking and alarm the bear.

"I was like please be quite so we can tip-toe in the other direction and thank goodness we didn't bark so we could get away," said Wells.

Another neighbor says she was feet away from the bears and was forced to move her dinner party...inside!

First Coast News spoke to the area's security guard on duty who says that other residents have reported sightings. Fish and Wildlife Officials are aware and the Homeowners Association at Turnberry is too. The Association at Saint Johns sent out a newsletter urging residents to stay away if they spot a bear...or three.

"We are in danger. If it's hungry or mating...we could be in some serious danger," said Wells.


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