Profanity may come at a cost at Neptune Beach

NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla.-- You may want to watch what you say while in Neptune Beach.

A proposed ordinance banning cursing is stirring up controversy and what you say, may now come at a cost.

Sharky is has been visiting Pete's Tavern in Neptune Beach for decades. He calls himself a local. "I've been known to speak my mind a little bit."

However, that might be a thing of the past with a new ordinance on the table.

Sec. 14-11 Profanity in a Public Place

It shall be unlawful and a Class D offense, for a person, while in a public place, to speak another person, profane, derisive, offensive or annoying language, which language would create a substantial threat of immediately provoking to violence a person of ordinary sensibilities and temperament"

"I was looking for ordinances that we don't have for the 4th of July when we have thousands of people around here," said Sembach. "Jacksonville has the same one."

Sembach says he is hoping to avoid the Jacksonville Beach brawl of 2013, which went viral.

"We have more people in Neptune beach than in Jacksonville on the fourth of July."

But local residents are looking towards the constitution.

First Coast News spoke with the Mayor who tells us quote, "it's an infringement on free speech and it will be difficult to enforce.""I believe it is a blatant intrusion on a person's right to free speech."

But still, this Neptune beach 7-year-old would like for others to keep some four-letter themselves.

"I think bad words are nasty words because they are bad and mean and they could hurt someone's feelings."

Sembach wants to enforce that profanity is only a problem IF it leads to violence.

"I think what the Chief's intention is, is that if you curse at someone enough..then there will be a fight and I can understand that," said Leanard.

However, others, strongly disagree.

"Frankly, I can say anything I want to and if someone wants to start a fight with me about it...than that's their problem."


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