$93k renovation has left homeowner demanding a refund

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It was a whole house remodel, the kind of stuff you see on HGTV, but Vera Dormady said that's not what she received for $93,000.

"When you start looking at it in details then you see it is not well done," she said.

The renovation began Summer 2013 and was completed that fall. Dormady said every day it seems like she uncovers new problems, she's disappointed.

"I feel like I threw my money away."

Adding to her disappointment is she vetted the contractor and was pleased with the results.

She said there are problems in the shower, in the kitchen where the new cabinet doors have cracks and the biggest bone of contention is the laminate floors. They have proud edges, in other words, the edges are curling up.

Clay Wilson is the contractor.

"I don't agree with the owner that it is shoddy workmanship," he said.

Wilson said he has been back to the house to address Dormady's concerns. He said he gave her a one year warranty on his workmanship and he stands behind his warranty.

"We do quality work she has a quality job and I'm willing to warranty any work that we did," said Wilson.

He said he's prepared to bring his installers in to address the problems with the floor but he's not ready to replace the entire floor.

As for the cabinet doors with flaws, he said he's working on that solution.

"The cabinets have a lifetime warranty, the manufacturer has actually send out new doors and drawers we're waiting on one door to come in," said Wilson.

He said he was not aware of the problems with the shower but he is willing to tackle them if the homeowner will let him.

"She told me she doesn't want me back in her home,' said Wilson.

Dormady said she's lost confidence in him, but she wants what she paid for.

"I'd like it repaired and repaired permanently," he said.

Wilson said Dormady asked for a refund of some of her money, he said he's not going to do that because the work was performed.

Unfortunately, as long as the contractor is trying to make it good, she should give him the opportunity.

Her only other choice at this point is to take the impasse to arbitration or mediation.

She could also allow the contractor to make good on the $93,000 renovation and hire a third party to oversee and ensure that the work is done to customer satisfaction.


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