3D breakthrough for early detection of lung abnormalities

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A new technology is helping lung patients on the First Coast.

Gone are the days of not knowing. Now, patients with tumors, infection, or any abnormality in the lungs, can know early on what they are up against.

Before, doctors could only see a one-dimensional view during a bronchoscopy, limiting the chances of what they can see and how close they can get to problem area.

"It's as if we're staying on the highways and where we really want to be is in the by-roads, but we can't get there," said Dr. Jennifer Carroll Fulton, a pulmonologist at Baptist Health.

But now a super dimensional bronchoscopy allows pulmonologists like Dr. Jennifer Carroll-Fulton to develop a road map to the destination of a tumor.

"Traditional bronchoscopy, in reports, has about a 30 percent success rate in true positive diagnosis, this has nearly doubled that," said Dr. Fulton.

The technology can pick up even the smallest lesions and allow doctors to conduct a proper biopsy.

"It allows us to biopsy things that are smaller and what we call radio dense or less dense tissue things we would have never been able to truly biopsy before with this technology now we can," said Dr. Fulton.

Dr. Fulton says Jacksonville has been rated to have the second-highest lung cancer rate in the country and believes this procedure could help early detection for patients.

First for you, if you have a CT scan that shows an abnormality in the lung you could have this procedure done. It is covered by insurance, but only pulmonologists certified to do the procedure can perform it.

You would need a referral and a copy of your CT scan.

Patients have to be sedated and the procedure time varies on a case by case basis.


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