Slow cookers could pose potential health hazard

ATLANTA (WXIA) -- 11Alive'sCenter for Investigative Action wants towarn you about apotential hazard in your kitchen. It has taken some ofour viewers by surprise and has even caused some injuries.

"When it shattered, it shattered, little pieces of itty bitty glass,everywhere!" said Crystal Spriggs, explaining what happened with theglass lid on her Crock Pot.

"I had a roast in it and I went to take the lid off to stir it andmake sure everything was okay and the lid exploded in my hand."

The Fayetteville mother was startled.

"Oh my gosh, I cut my hand, glass was all in my food, I had my kidsand I was terrified that one of my children was going to get cut,"Spriggs said.

We've been hearing similar reports about slow cookers from others. Crock Pot, the most commonly known brand, is made in China.

"When we called in, they acted like it was a freak accident, that itnever happened before. We had to send pictures to prove that ithappened," she said.

We dug further to see if consumers had filed complaints with theConsumer Product Safety Commission. Over the last five years, there havebeen 366 formal complaints about slow cookers, 32 involving glass lidsbreaking, shattering or exploding.

One woman reported she had to be treated in the hospital when "apiece of glass flew into her eye." Another reported being "puncturedwhile cleaning up."

Crock Pot, Hamilton Beach, Calphalon, Sensio, and CE North Americawere all the slow cooker manufacturers identified by consumers on thethe Consumer Product Safety Commissions website,

The CPSC told 11Alive it is aware of incident reports involving glassslow cooker lids breaking during use, stating, "We are looking at thisissue. We encourage consumers to report incidents to CPSC"

Crock Pot's manufacturer, Jarden Consumer Solutions, told 11Alive,that consumers need to pay attention to the warnings that come with thecooker, including "avoiding sudden temperature changes." The companysaid several events can lead to glass breaking, including "thermalshock, sudden contact with hard surfaces, improper care or usage, etc.,and this breakage may occur sometime after the causal event."

Jarden said it would reach out to Spriggs and others who complained to us.

"The Crock Pot people, they actually got in touch with me," Spriggs told us on a follow-up visit. And she said they listened.

"I'm actually okay with their response. I really am. I just hope thatpeople know in the future that this is going to happen, well I mean, itcan happen," she said.

They sent her a new Crock Pot and she gave it to us.It's still a mystery what ishappening.

The other manufacturers of slow cookers posted similar responses toCrock Pot, stating that their products meet guidelines and the glass ismade to pass rigorous tests.

We're going to continue to follow this and let you know what we learn.


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