New Buddy Check success story: Styling in her pink braces

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Connie Benton said she's "proud to wear pink." And she doesn't just mean a t-shirt or a pink ribbon pin.

She's gone all out with pretty pink braces. She wants her spirited, big smile to tell everyone that she's a "survivor" and she's definitely "happy."

Connie, a Chase employee and a Jacksonville mom, said she was faithful to Buddy Check 12. She found a lump that felt like an uncooked lima bean.

Here's the important part for women with lumpy breasts...

Connie said she's aware she's had lumpy breasts for years. But this lump was different. She says usually she feels a lump and then it seems to go away. This time, however, the lump didn't move. She said it was "not squishy, but hard like a pebble." And the key was, she said, it stayed put.

She knew something might be wrong, but she said it took asking three doctors before she finally was diagnosed.

Her advice? "I don't care how little the lump is or where it is, go get an opinion."

Of course, breast cancer experts say 80% of lumps are not cancerous. But you don't know for sure until you go get checked. And remember that only a biopsy can tell for certain if it's cancer or not. A mammogram and a sonogram are tools, but not concrete conclusions.

If you'd like a free Buddy Check 12 kit, call our Buddy Check partner, Baptist, at 904-202-CARE.

If Buddy Check has helped you, Jeannie Blaylock would love to hear from you. Her email:

Congrats to Connie Benton! And thank you, Connie, for helping us spread the word.


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