Mom push for legalization of marijuana to treat son

Lithia, Florida – Renee Petro is a mother pushing for the legalization of marijuana, so she can treat her son, Brandon, for epilepsy.

While vowing to keep campaigning for the passage of the medical marijuana ballot measure in November, she is considering a move to Colorado, where medical marijuana is legal.

"We could get him on the cannabis oil quickly, or should I stay here and fight the fight?" said Petro.

Last week, she took an exploratory trip to the place some call the new frontier for medical marijuana. It was an effort to find out what the process would be like to get her child treated with the drug. Her plan could land her among the 100 families known as "medical marijuana refugees."

"It's not like you just go to Denver, Colorado, you want your child to be on medical marijuana and boom, somebody gives you oil as soon as you land at the airport. There's a protocol," she said.

Part of that protocol includes meeting with medical doctors and getting referrals before her son is ever treated, but she believes that timeframe would happen way before November 4.

Her mission was inspired by Moriah Barnhart of the support group CannaMom.

LINK: CannaMoms Facebook Page

She moved to Colorado three months ago to seek treatment for her daughter, Dahlia, whose body was ravaged by chemotherapy for brain cancer.

"[She was] suddenly excited to wake up in the morning and [she was] active and playful and she pretty much turned into a normal toddler," said Barnhart.

Petro said she won't abandon the fight to legalize medical marijuana here in Florida, but said she can't ignore the results that Barnhart has seen in her daughter.

"I look at five years down the road when Brandon's doing better … that's what I look at. Not at uplifting my family. That's a piece of cake," said Petro.


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