Infant back home after 5-organ transplant

Tampa, Florida --- One Tampa family is celebrating its first month home after groundbreaking surgery saved their three-year-old boy's life.

Adonis Ortiz, who received five new organs last year in a never-before-attempted transplant, can sleep in his own room again.

And he's like any other three-year-old boy, save for the Toy Story backpack that holds a device connected to his feeding tube.

He played catch with his dad, Exmir, inside the house today, but last year, Adonis was in the hospital, his liver, pancreas, stomach and intestines all failing.

"He's really strong," said his mom Aracelis. "After all his surgeries, he comes out with a smile," she said.

Ortiz was born with a severe birth defect that left intestines formed outside his body.

Now, four months after the never-before-tried five-organ transplant, his mom says Adonis has never felt better.

"It doesn't matter what's going on. He'll get a smile out of you no matter what," Aracelis said.

Aracelis told 10 News she didn't know whether her boy would survive the life-saving treatment.

"Everything they always kept telling me was that he has a 50/50 chance," she said.

But now that her son is back home, she can proudly say he's growing like a normal healthy boy.

"The last one we did was on March 20th, it's marked right here on the door," she said pointing at a series of marks on the door frame of her son's room. He's grown about two inches in a month.

Adonis went to his first Tampa speech therapy Monday, but he already says he wants to play for the Yankees.

"You gonna play with the Yankees, Adon? You gonna play with the Yankees?" the boy's dad asked him.

"Yeah!" Adonis cheered.

His father says having his son back home makes all the difference.

"Thank god he's already here."

Adonis still has to wear a mask when he's out in public to protect him from germs, and he's getting his milk through a device in his backpack, but the Ortiz's say it's okay.

"Thankfully God understood, and he's still here," Aracelis said.

Because there's still a long road ahead but they know they get to walk it, Toy Story backpack in hand, together.


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