Father helps son skate through life

BRANFORD, Fla. -- A Branford father is taking the term 'lean on me' to new heights.

"He shows us life in a different way. He shows us how precious life really is," said Bill Procko.

Bill is the father of 10-year-old Evan, who is living with Muscular Duchenne Dystrophy. It is a disease that causes muscular degeneration.

Evan cannot run, jump or walk up stairs. Bill says he falls quite often. However, Bill is using all of his energy to pick his son up.

"I've been skating forever and I want my son to feel what I feel," said Bill. "Skating has always been my passion."

Bill says Evan is a natural. He says it's ironic that his muscles are weak because he has a skater's mind and he even tells his father where to move on the ramps.

Evan loves it, too.

"I just like...riding around and not worrying about falling," said Evan.

"Evan is a remarkable kid," said Bill. "He is funny and adventurous."

However, doctors say Evan will be in a wheelchair in about two years and predict his heart will stop beating in his late teens or early twenties. Unfortunately, there is no cure for muscular dystrophy. However, the family says they are hopeful.

Evan is one of twelve young boys taking part in a potentially life-saving trial out of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

"When you see a kid like this who goes through so much it's nice to grab him away for a bit...to be normal...just like everybody else," said Bill.

Evan has big dreams too. He wants pursue many careers that include becoming a chef or astronaut.

"It's a shame that you see these kids who could become so much...doctors and lawyers, but their lives are cut short," said Bill. "We want Evan to be everything he can be."

Bill has some advice for others dealing with the same life struggles. He says you should not take things for granted and live in the moment because the rest will work itself out.

CLICK HERE to hear more about Evan's story and to donate to Cure Duchenne.


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