UNF issues chicken pox alert, students isolated

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --- The University of North Florida is on chicken pox alert. The University's health department reports two separate cases of the virus.

According to the school, two 20-year-old students are now isolated after they came down with the virus earlier in the week. The university tells First Coast News one of the students is isolated off-campus and the other is living in the Osprey Fountain dormitory.

"In order to diagnose chicken pox, you have to see three states, the little red dots, the blister and the scale or the scab over ... and there they were," said Director of UNF Health Doreen Perez.

The university sent out alert messages reminding students of the highly contagious virus.

Dr. Lisa Dynan-Dobbertien said the virus is more serious in adults rather than children.

"In adults, it tends to affect their lungs and breathing ... that's where it likes to attack them ... higher fevers and generally more ill."

Students are aware, but are not overly concerned.

"Hopefully once they isolate them for a little bit and everything goes according to plan, they can get better and go to class and do things that normal college kids do," one student said.

The University says this is the first chicken pox outbreak in the school's history.


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