Teacher of the Week: Christopher Campbell

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It is Wednesday so that means it is time for FCN's Teacher of the Week!

This week we are spotlighting Christopher Campbell at First Coast High School, he teaches Chemistry and Marine Science.

He has only been teaching for about three months, but his nominator said he is always welcoming questions and makes the science exciting to learn!

Mr. Campbell said he loves science and tries to build good relationships with his students to help them learn.

"Well I would say the biggest challenge for me was getting to know all the students. That is the key piece in learning how to teach is knowing each of the individuals involved in that process because it goes both ways. So knowing every single one of the students and building that relationship is really the most important piece," said Mr. Campbell.

Campbell is a native of the First Coast. He grew up in Arlington and went to Stanton Preparatory Academy. He said creativity also plays a big role in his classroom and he plans on being a teacher for a long time to come.

Congratulations to Mr. Christopher Campbell at First Coast High School for being our Teacher of the Week!

His nominator, Caylin Moniz, says:

"He is the best chemistry teacher but he is qualified to teach many subjects. he is also very passionate about what he has learned and what he teaches us. he is welcoming to any questions and he will answer any way that he can. he gets us up and learning and focused on new and exciting subjects."


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