Teacher facing termination for using 'n-word' in class

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Joyce Quiller is suspended without pay and is facing termination after using profanity including the "n" word in the presence of students, according to a Duval County Public School investigation report. It was also reported that she called students stupid and ignorant.

The investigation was sparked by student complaints.

"Hopefully she wasn't provoked or nothing to do all that," said Ribault High School parent, John Anthony. "But that still ain't a reason to do that around children, at all."

There were strong words from parents at Ribault High School after the school board voted to fire The Bridge to Success teacher after the student complaints.

"Thank God somebody heard it and took it to her superiors or something and did something about it," Anthony said.

"I might use it every now and then," Walter Parker, another Ribault parent said. "But with no malice."

"I've been around teachers who have used profanity toward students or at students or said it out loud," said Ladorne Parker, a student at Ribault who spoke to FCN with permission from her father. "Maybe it was because the way the student felt."

DCPS spokewoman Tia Ford said the unanimous vote to terminate Quiller's contract was part of the school board's consent agenda.

Quiller told investigators she has taught math for 21 years and is appalled and disturbed by the allegations. The report says she has never been accused of cursing at students or using the "n-word."

"As an African-American, she prides herself in being intelligent and classy," the report said. "She does not refer to herself as the 'n-word,' nor does she refer to other people of color as the 'n-word.'"

Also, in the report Quiller claims an assistant principal has a vendetta against her. Quiller went on to deny cursing at students, using the "n-word" or failing to help students.

"I never heard Ms. Quiller use profanity," Devante Moultre, 18, a student at Ribault said.

Moultre said he is in the Bridge to Success program and had Quiller as a teacher. Moultre came to Quiller's defense, disagreeing with the school board.

"She had the right set of mind for students," Moultre said. "She always wanted to see students graduate."

Quiller has past disciplinary actions:

- December 1, 2001: A written reprimand for allegations that she used profanity in the presence of students.

- April 12, 2013: A verbal reprimand for allegations that she made an inappropriate comment to a student.

- October 28, 2013: A written reprimand for allegations that she used profanity and derogatory language toward and in the presence of students.

FCN went to the home of Quiller and tried to reach her by phone, but was unable to reach her. Ford says Quiller has until March 25 to appeal the school board's decision. As of late Tuesday afternoon, Ford said Quiller had not appealed.


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