New construction to alleviate parking problems at UNF

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Like all universities parking close to classrooms fills up fast. It's first come first serve.

The University of North Florida is no different. Since the beginning of the Fall semester, cars can be seen parked in odd spots not meant for cars and covered with parking tickets.

As enrollment grows so does the number of parking places -- 9,119 to be exact.

Bree Wilson knows all about trying to find something close. Lots that require a bus ride she says a better value.

"The economy lot's a better deal to park out there," Wilson said. "It could be worse it would be nice if they expanded parking an everything,"

In the pipeline is expanding parking. A garage is going up and is expected to be ready in January. When finished parking will be increased by 550 spots.

Vince Smyth is involved in the big picture. He says parking has improved over the years.

"We use to have people parking in the grass and taking spaces that should not have been taken. That has really seemed to calm itself down the last few years," Smyth said.

Down the road UNF plans to add another wrinkle to help with parking by putting up signs at parking garages to let students know if they are full or not. All of this to save students time and making parking more efficient.


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