More parents accuse teachers of abuse at Yulee Primary School

Brittany Dionne reports. 9/20/2016

There are more allegations of abuse against functional needs students at the hands of educators at Yulee Primary School in Nassau County.

Several parents have come forward claiming their children were also subjected to abuse at the school.

This comes after the state Department of Children and Families opened an investigation into claims of physical and verbal abuse at the hands of a special education teacher.

Sarah Farber, a local mom, says she has been complaining about issues at the school for years.

"I make my phone calls and push. I tried to have the issue addressed and no one would address it," Farber says.

Farber says he son was verbally abused at Yulee Primary and disciplined excessively.

"It blew my mind he was getting eight, 10, 11 time-outs a day," Farber recalls.

Farber says her son never had behavioral problems before. She claims she also witnessed abuse.

"I saw dragging and I saw snatching," says Farber.

Farber says the incidents took place during the 2014 school year.

She has since taken her son out of Yulee Primary and moved to out of state. Farber adds the effects of what her son was subjected to still linger.

"My child is still having problems at school. He's still scared to go to school because of what this teacher did to him. He remembers what happened and he still says, at five years old, that I'm scared because of this. His love for learning has been destroyed," Farber says.

She says her son is now in therapy.
The teacher that Farber says mistreated her son is not the same teacher that's currently under investigation by DCF.
Farber says she hopes DCF's investigation will help improve the way children with special needs are treated at Yulee Primary.

The case is still under investigation. We will continue to update this story as more details unfold.


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