Teens use BB guns to rob pizza restaurant

STARKE, Fla. -- Officers with the Starke Police Department responded to the Little Caesar's Pizza in the 200 block of South Orange Street Saturday in response to reports of an armed robbery, according to a release from the Starke Police Department.

Responding officers were advised an unknown armed suspect fled the pizza restaurant with a handgun. Officers were also notified of additional suspects who were allegedly seen getting into a white sedan, possibly a Toyota.

Officers spotted the suspect car and pulled the car over for a traffic stop, the release detailed.

All five occupants of the car were detained and police allegedly found a Phantom Semi-Auto BB gun, a Walther CP-99 Semi-Auto BB gun and cash in the car.

A 14-year-old suspect is facing charges of aggravated assault with a weapon and robbery. Antrinious Smith, 18, Jamalcolm Isler, Jr., 19 and 19-year-old Derrick Smith, Jr. are facing charges of robbery. Leslie Kendell Neal, 19, is charged with robbery, possession of marijuana and drug equipment possession.

"It was some scary stuff, dude," Daniel Dunlap, 29, said.

Dunlap is a shift manager as a Little Caesar's Pizza restaurant in Starke. He said he clearly remembers Saturday night around 10 p.m. He said he had just stepped outside.

"When I walked back to the store, the guy had a gun to my co-worker's head," he explained. "He was emptying out the register."

Dunlap said as soon as he opened the door, the suspect pointed a gun at him.

"At that time, all I saw was the end of the gun, the barrel of a gun and is this guy going to shoot me," he recalled.

Dunlap said, at the time, his concern was not if the gun was real or fake.

"When it happens, man, you don't sit there and think 'is this real? Is this kind of fake?'" he asked. "No. You're thinking is this guy going to blow my head off."

Luckily, Dunlap was not hurt. He said he praised the work of law enforcement.

"The police and sheriff's department were awesome. They were fast," he said. "Thank you guys from the police department, the Sheriff's department and the lady that's in dispatch. You guys were awesome."

Police believe the suspects could be tied to an armed robbery March 26 at the Island Food Store in the 110 block of South Temple Avenue. The suspects in the Island Food robbery used a similar method during the robbery, according to the release.

An investigation is on going and further charges could be pending.


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