Teacher accused of sexting with student

GLEN ST MARY, Fla. -- A 34-year-old substitute teacher is facing charges after she allegedly sent a student inappropriate text messages.

A 16-year-old Baker County High School student is claiming a substitute teacher, 34-year-old Leila Jean Wilford sent him inappropriate messages using a "Kik" messenger account, according to a report from the Baker County Sheriff's Office.

Wilford allegedly added a bunch of students to her Facebook account, the BCSO report detailed. While on Facebook, Wilford is accused of suggesting to the 16-year-old victim they not speak there because her husband may think something was up and suggested they use Kik Messenger instead.

According to the BCSO report, the victim claims Wilford said on Kik she wanted to know what it was like to kiss someone with braces on. The victim also said he is the only one in class with braces, so he felt Wilford meant she wanted to kiss him. Wilford also allegedly told the victim her husband didn't do it for her anymore.

The victim admitted to sending a picture of himself without a shirt on to Wilford and asked to see Wilford's boobs, the report detailed. The victim also told law enforcement Wilford implied she wanted to have sex with him and allegedly said she wanted him to drive her far away so they could do crazy things like when she was his age, like drinking and smoking.

While the alleged conversation between the victim and Wilford took place on Kik, the victim was taking screen shots and Snapchatted them to his girlfriend, who shared them with her father. The girlfriend's father suggested to the victim that he turn Wilford in.

In an interview with law enforcement, Wilford said she likes helping people and did not believe she had crossed any lines, according to the BCSO report. Wilford also claimed she gave out her cell phone number to students so they could call her if they needed to talk about problems they were having.

When asked about Facebook and students, Wilford allegedly admitted to the BCSO she had friended students but her husband deleted the students from their page. Wilford also claimed she deleted all messages on Facebook and Kik because she knew she went to far, according to the report.

Deputies showed Wilford the Kik conversation with the victim and Wilford alleged she never asked the victim for sex and never meant for the victim to think she wanted to have sex with him, according to the BCSO report.

Wilford was arrested and charged with obscene communication.


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