New series of search warrants in hot car death

MARIETTA, Ga. -- A new series of search warrants in the case of 22-month-old Cooper Harris show a focus on the electronic trail leading up to his June 18 death.

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The warrants made public by the Magistrate Court of Cobb County Monday morning show Cobb County Police investigators looking into electronic devices found inside Justin Ross Harris's 2011 Hyundai Tuscan. A thumb drive, an external hard drive, a SD card, and a DVD-R were all taken into police custody.

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According to the warrants, all will be searched for "information pertaining to finances, credit card debt, business information, life insurance, emails/communication regarding child, wife, and family issues, photos/videos of the child to show development, information about car seat searches, searches regarding car deaths, communications with other people on the days leading up to and the incident date, information on life insurance policies."

A warrant for an iPhone 5 already in police custody was also included. Cobb County Police expect results of those warrants to take some time. The warrants say results will take ten days or more due to the high volume of data.

Another one of the warrants confirmed information mentioned during Thursday's probably cause hearing. During that hearing, Cobb County Det. Phil Stoddard testified Harris failed to tell police about his trip back to his car during his lunch break on the day his son died.

After lunch, Harris and two other co-workers ran an errand to Home Depot to buy light bulbs. The newer warrant was issued for Harris' home for "the inspection of the lights in and around the residence, if there are a sufficient amount of light bulbs in storage to determine if there was a need to purchase light bulbs."

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Under cross-examination on Thursday, Det. Stoddard said they discovered there were lights out in a bathroom vanity.

Medical records for Justin Harris and his son Cooper Harris will also become a part of the investigation. Warrants served to Kaiser Permanente request all medical records for Justin Harris for evidence of his health, medications, and medical problems. During Thursday's probable cause hearing, the defense attorney said Harris was almost completely deaf in his right ear.

The warrant for Cooper Harris's medical records is looking for evidence of the child's health, medical conditions, medications, growth, and development.

None of the warrants released Monday mention Cooper's mother Leanna Harris.

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