Son of suspect: 'It's been real rough'

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Chris Dunn saw his father Michael Dunn for the first time in five years at his wedding last Friday afternoon in Orange Park.

Chris Dunn, 23, did not learn of of the shooting incident in which police say his father shot and killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis until late the following evening.

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"Saturday night around 11, I was informed by my grandmother. She saw it on the news, she called and told me about it," Chris Dunn said. "I was about to go to sleep. I did not go to sleep for another four to five hours. I had no idea what to think."

Before the wedding, Dunn had only seen his father when he graduated five years earlier from Sandalwood High. He admits he hardly knew Michael Dunn, but they talked often after the wedding and were planning to reconnect. Dunn said his father left the wedding in a very good mood.

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"If it were just from my experience that night with him, I would say it is out of character from how he was that afternoon with us, to go and do that, it seems very out of character," Chris Dunn said.

Dunn said there was very little alcohol at the wedding and his father wasn't intoxicated.

"I don't know him, if he is a drinker or not, or anything like that, but I didn't see him with any drinks," Chris Dunn said.

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Dunn said his father left the wedding early, shortly after 7 p.m., to take care of a new puppy. Dunn had no problem with that since he was going to get to know his father better the very next day.

"I was fine with him leaving early because he was talking the next day of spending time together, just us." The newly married couple was planning to have lunch with Dunn and his girlfriend Saturday in St. Augustine.

Dunn and his new wife, Cinder, have followed the story closely on social media the last several days. It's been a difficult time, so soon after his wedding day.

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"It's been real rough, looking at all the news stories online, and everybody writing comments, sitting there reading comments, people talking about my father, and saying all this before the story even came out, his side or anything, everybody 'oh you know jail for life, death penalty, everything,' so, it was a rough week."

Dunn said he looked forward to reconnecting with his father. Dunn said his father invited them down to visit him in Satellite Beach, cook for them, and take them up in his plane.

"It seemed like it would be a really fun time to reconnect with him," Chris Dunn said.

Now his father sits in the Duval County Jail. Dunn plans to visit him when Michael Dunn's girlfriend come to town, along with his half-sister. Dunn said when he visits him, he doesn't know what he will say. Dunn plans to wait this thing out until the truth of what happened comes out.


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