Woman relives son's murder watching Dunn trial

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Families of victims of violence are watching the Michael Dunn murder trial and many of them are reliving their loved ones' murder.

Last year, Ketura Smith sat in on the murder trial for her son's convicted killer.

"When I see stories like that, it takes me back to like day one," said Smith.

Watching the murder trial of Michael Dunn takes her back to the day she received a phone call that her oldest, 23-year-old Robert Kearney, was shot .

"He was already dead," said Smith, as she got emotional describing the moment she arrived at the crime scene.

Smith said she feels the pain Jordan Davis' parents are feeling, doing what she did, sitting in the court room every day.

"The pictures, listening to the medical examiner, looking at the person who killed my son, just watching. As a parent, you're going to watch his demeanor to see if there is any sympathy," added Smith.

But a major difference from her case to this one was that Kearney's case was never in the spotlight.

"From Trayvon even with Jordan, you're looking at a white man killing young boys and that's like unexpected in this time but for a young black man to kill another black man, that's like every day so no one cares," said Smith.

Smith said she understands the circumstances of each case, but like any parent doesn't want her child forgotten. Kearney's accused killer, DeShawn Green was convicted to life in prison. Smith says justice is the most important thing and that not having publicity may have been for the best.

"I am glad that I got time to mourn and grieve without cameras in my face all the time. I don't know if I could have handled that," said Smith.


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