Clumsy burglars kick down door

A Texas family is hoping that surveillance video will be the key to catching the criminals who burglarized their home.

It started around 10:30 a.m. Monday in the 13000 block of Ridge Maple Street.

A woman is seen on video knocking at the front door. When nobody answered, she left.

She's then recorded on video driving up and down the street for the next 45 minutes in a black Cadillac Escalade. A Chevy Malibu is also seen casing the neighborhood.

The Malibu eventually backs into the driveway and the Escalade parks out front of the house.

Two men, both wearing hooded sweatshirts, exit the Malibu and run for the front door.

"He kicked the door and his leg slipped. They looked at each other, and the bigger guy kicked in the door," said homeowner Michelle Bueno, a mother of three. "It was horrible. I was thinking what if anybody was home. They had guns."

The home alarm sounded as soon as the men kicked in the door.

Instead of running out of the home, the two men ran in and ransacked the master bedroom. They grabbed an iPad and an expensive camera before escaping.

"We go to work. We expect to come back to our house the way we left it. We don't expect to have someone invading our home," explained Michelle Bueno.

Neighbors have been dealing with their share of burglaries over recent years.

Linda Stills just had her home broken into last year, and she's sick and tired of the thieves getting away with it.

"It pisses me off. It makes me angry. You can't have nothing. We struggle to get what we got, and you have people coming in, breaking in, and stealing your stuff," said Stills.

The license plates on both cars involved in this most recent crime cannot be seen clearly on the surveillance footage. It is clear that both vehicles have temporary plates.

If you recognize the suspects seen in the video, contact the Harris County Sherriff's Office.


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