Boyfriend arrested and charged for toddler's death

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Ten months after a toddler's death, police made an arrest. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says the child's mother's boyfriend allegedly shook the 2-year-old and caused her death last October.

Police say last Halloween Noelani Marmolejo, 2, was taken to Memorial Hospital unresponsive. She died the next day, police say from head trauma known as shaken baby syndrome.

"It's typically attributed to shaken baby syndrome where by whatever means the child is shaken repeatedly which causes injury to the brain," said Assistant Chief of Investigations Chris Butler, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

JSO says the person caring for her that day was her mother's boyfriend, Edgardo Luis Reyes-Delgado, 22, and is now charged with murder.

"That day was you know very hard to hear the grandmother cry," said a former neighbor of the toddler's mother who did not want to be identified.

She remembers the day police responded to her apartment complex in Arlington shortly after the toddler was taken to the hospital unresponsive. She says when the child died the next day she had a conversation with the suspect.

"She felt her hot, that he carried her home he gave her medicine, he told her mom I'm going to give her medicine half an hour later he checked up on her she was unresponsive, he tried to do CPR," said the former neighbor.

Police say Reyes-Delgado was taking care of the toddler the day of the incident while the child's mother was at work.

"The suspect went over to visit the mother and asked for some medication for a fever that the child had the suspect then left, telephoned the mother about five minutes after he left her originally and reported that the child was not breathing," said Asst. Chief Butler.

The family's former neighbor is shocked. She says she never saw any suspicious or alarming behavior.

"From a mother's point of view it's horrible to hear and it makes you want to be more alert to people that you bring into your home," she said.

Police say the child's mother dated Reyes-Delgado for about a year and he was living with her and the child for about three months before the death. We reached out to the mother's family at their current residence but were told no one wanted to make any comments.

JSO records show Reyes-Delgado's has minor offenses and no history of child abuse.


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