Boy, 16, badly beaten on school bus

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It's a vicious attack caught on-camera. Willetta Phillips, a Jacksonville mother, says she's furious, after her son came home from school badly beaten. She says he's the victim of bullying on the school bus.

It's disturbing to watch, a young man is punched, kicked and stepped on in cell phone video taken on a school bus. Willetta Phillips says the teen on the other end of the beating is her 16-year-old son.

"Basically he used the seats of the bus to lift his body up to stomp all over my son," said Phillips. "He kneed him in the face and pounded on him until one of the kids pulled him off."

She provided First Coast News with photos of her teen, which show his left eye dark, jaw swollen and bruised lip.

"It made me very angry," said Phillips. "It broke my heart that I could not be there with my son, to protect him."

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office police report said that the suspect, who is a juvenile, posted the attack on Facebook along with a comment that read "2 down 100 more to go. How them woopins felt."

Phillips says her son is now afraid to go to school. Since the incident happened on March 6 he hasn't been back.

"He doesn't want to go to Raines or Ribault because this is where the bullying is going on," said Phillips. "These kids live in our neighborhood and they filter out to those schools."

She doesn't know why her son is being targeted but says something should have been done to protect her child.

"The bus driver didn't radio anybody, he didn't call his dispatcher, he didn't report it to the school or anyone," said Phillips. "I'm sure my son isn't the only one this has happened to. This will keep on going on unless we as parents bring awareness to it."

The young man accused in the attack was arrested Friday morning. Phillips says the DCPS board is looking into possibly moving her son to another school. FCN reached out to the school system, they were not initially aware of the incident but officials are now investigating.


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