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Acupuncture Helps Some Pregnant Women Avoid C-Sections

12:22 PM, Aug 16, 2007   |    comments
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By Lynsay Clutter WTHR/NBC News Channel Many doctors suggest C-sections for mothers with breech babies to ensure the safest delivery possible. That's why many pregnant women will try different ways to turn a baby before the due date. The most common method is called an External Cephalic Version where the doctor pushes on the outside of the belly, but a new practice is less painful and claims a higher success rate. The procedure is acupuncture, a traditional form of Chinese medicine. Balance equals wellness, and that's their philosophy. To restore balance with the baby, a needle is inserted into the mother's pinky toes. The philosophy is the needle - stimulated by electric current for twenty minutes - taps into the nervous system. The procedure sends neuro-transmitters up the leg, back, to the forehead, and back down through the kidneys, bladder, and toe. The hope is the stimulated and active baby will turn itself. Dr. Eve White performs acupuncture on her patients starting at 35 weeks and it usually takes more than one treatment. "The average for the successful version is three treatments," she said. Dr. White says multiple studies show 57 to 83 percent of patients experience success depending on when and how often its done. The cost for a treatment of acupuncture is $100, and some insurance companies do offer coverage. Dr. White is university-accredited with 300 hours of study completed. She says acupuncture can also help with infertility and hot flashes in menopausal women.

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