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Grand Reserve Condo Fight

2:48 PM, Jun 16, 2006   |    comments
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By Ken Amaro First Coast News JACKSONVILLE, FL -- From the outside, the grand reserve condominiums look grand, but behind the wroth iron fence there's trouble. Many of the 14 buildings on the property are in need of serious repair to meet building and safety codes. Fred Gholson is the Association Manager. "This is emergency repairs, if we don't do them the property will have to be evacuated," says Gholson. The residents and the association agree on the repairs but disagree on how to pay for it. "Something that has to be done," says Gholson. Residents say the assessment is too much. Gholson says, "they vary $12-to-$24 thousand depending on the size of the unit." Facing $19-thousand assessment, Mike Pinner is one of the condo owners suing the association. Pinner wants the board to consider a loan. "The board has refused to consider a bank loan," says Pinner. The Association Manager says the board considered a loan and it is not practical. "This is a business decision and we have to watch out for the corporation," says Gholson. The board meets June first to approve its budget with the proposed Special Assessment Fees. The Condo owners' first payment is due july First. But it won't happen without a fight. The Condo Owners say the association knew about the problems in 2004 and did nothing. The Association Manager says that was a different board. While the Condo Owners are suing the association to stop the fees, the association is suing the Atlanta based developer. If the repairs are not made, the city will impose fines of $255 a day per unit. Condo Owners have created a website to keep owners informed.

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